What to do during the Earthquake

If you pay attention, the Treme-Treme game teaches you how to be prepared and what to do during an Earthquake.
You should:


- Have an emergency kit  available at home, at school or at work, with items to survive;

- When the earth shakes, immediately seek a safe spot where you can take cover;

- 1 Drop, 2 cover and 3 hold!

- Wait for the shaking to end. Then, carefully avoid objects that may fall or could hurt you;

- Calmly head for the exit. Be careful with gas and electricity, turn them off if you can;

- Do not remain indoors. When out at the street, avoid buildings that could fall and electricity poles;

- Head over to a meeting point that you have agreed previously with your family.

Do not forget to talk about the game to your Parents and Friends!